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Welcome to Study Away in Seattle and our Spring Break 2024 Class Project.


This website serves as a collaborative class project. This course experience takes a critical cultural studies approach to exploring the organizational policies and gendered communication. Follow our journey through student reflections, highlighted visits and guest speakers, and a curated class gallery of the sights, sounds, and experiences of Seattle, WA.


We Believe

In a world where all people are free to express their gender identity and sexual orientation with pride, without fear of discrimination or harassment. We believe in creating a learning environment where difference is celebrated and communities are seen for their unique qualities.

King 5 Stage

In the News


From the Classroom to the Board Room: How Corporate Culture Impacts LGBTQIA+ Support

For the first part of the semester, students analyzed Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) of Pacific Northwest (PNW) headquartered corporations. They examined organizational content such as ads, promotions, policies, and other artifacts in order to analyze these corporations’ cultural branding through the lenses of gendered communication and organizational communication, as well as the intersection between the two. This set students up to see the ways in which the LGBTQ+ community is actually supported by these companies – in society, at home, and at work.

Read the full article here


Through Seattle Experience, ODU Students Engage, Inquire and Grow

“Exploring LGBTQ+ organizational culture in Seattle was an immersive journey that transcended textbook knowledge,” co-teacher Megan Mize, PhD (Director, eP & Digital Initiatives) wrote. “Walking alongside students as they interacted with policy influencers and community advocates highlighted the transformative potential of education in action.”

Read the full article here


ODU Instagram: Spring Break 2024 Study Abroad & Study Away

ODU IG coverage of Spring Break 2024

Project Description

Through the co-creation of a collaborative course ePortfolio, we aim to transform traditional learning by fostering a communal reflection space. Through shared experiences during our trip to Seattle, we'll build a vibrant course community that challenges norms, emphasizes the collective over the individual—queering reflection. This collaborative ePortfolio celebrates diversity, amplifies voices, and promotes a deeper understanding of LGBTQ experiences.


Our Partners

Our class community is grateful for the support of the following offices who share our commitment to

high impact practices like Study Away that allow for experiential learning.  

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